Injured Runner.

I have been an injured runner since 5.14.2014, it has been a long 2 months.



Am I right???

I ran my first half marathon the first week of May and then when I got back from a 4 miler on May 14th, I knew I had to take a couple days off. Little did I know it would turn into 67 days. Not dramatic at all or anything. I am not sure if the injury had to do with the half or not. My IT band was the issue for this injury. Read more about IT Band syndrome here:

Notice how I said this injury?  Yeah, running and I have gotten in a few fights in the past so this is not the first time I was faced with non-running life.  3 years ago, I was supposed to run my first half but then I was taken down by TWO stress fractures. One in my hip and one in my tibia. That injury was much more painful than the one I have just gone through. It hurt to walk during that time. Little did I know, that injury was a blessing in disguise. I was at a pretty bad time during that time in my life and I needed a smack in the face.  I was running 6-10 miles every time I went out running at that point. I am aware some people’s bodies can handle this mileage, mine cannot.

After about 3 months, I was cleared to run. After I got back into the swing of things, I did 2-5 miles when I went out to run and than one longer run on the weekends. That has worked perfectly up to this point.  When I originally was hit with injury 2 months ago, I decided to forgo the Doc right away. I wanted to see if I could heal alone. Well after a month, I still wasn’t better so I called to make an appointment with the orthopedic Doc I saw 3 years ago. He told me it was nothing major and I could run during this and connected me with a Physical Therapist that I would see for about a month.

The day after he told me I could running during this, of course I was out the next day. Well, he was wrong, a mile into the run I was in so much pain I wanted to start crying. I moped my way home and awaited my first PT appointment. My PT told me I should definitely not run during this time. So I listened and continued to cross train and strength train instead. I even had to walk a 4 mile run I signed up for. That was tough.

After two weeks at PT, he started me on what he calls his “build up” program. In this program there are 5 phases you have to repeat 3 times. If you feel any pain during the phase, you have to start over from that phase. You also can only do 5 cycles of running/walking.

Phase 1: Run 30 seconds, walk 1 minute. (total running time, 2:30)

Phase 2: Run 1 minute, walk 1 minute. (total running time, 5 minutes)

Phase 3: Run 2 minutes, walk 1 minute. (total running time, 10 minutes)

Phase 4: Run 3 minutes, walk 1 minute. (total running time, 15 minutes)

Phase 5: Run 10 minutes. (total running time 10 minutes but no walking breaks)

At this point, I have one more day of phase 5. Then I can go on a run with no time constraints!! I am ready to feel those endorphin’s again. I have to say this wasn’t the worst injury though. Some good things happened during this time. I signed up for a gym and discovered BODY PUMP. Which I am totally loving. I also have gotten to take so many long walks with my furbaby. But there really is nothing like running for me.  It gives me this high that no other workout can.

Any other injured runner’s out there?

What is your favorite workout?


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