Trader Joe’s Tuesday

Hey hey hey!!

So I was a little absent last week…well more like a lot. Life was a little busy and other priorities just came first, i.e. work, working out, eating, sleeping, taking care of the furbaby. You get the picture. I still haven’t figured out how much I want to blog. I think two posts for now is a decent goal though. 

Anyway, If you didn’t know already I am obsessed with Trader Joe’s. I have even contemplated working there various times.  So I thought I would occasionally post about some of my favorite items!

This week I am going to share 3 staples for my pantry/ 4

  • Lowfat Granola Cereal with Almond: I started getting this earlier this year and it has turned into my staple granola. It is perfectly crunchy and the size of the granola is not too big. I love the flavor because it goes with everything! I usually have it with yogurt and it tastes delicious with all flavors. It would also go well just with milk, whichever kind you desire.
  • Organic Creamy Salted Peanut Butter: First of all, if you don’t like peanut butter I am not sure if we can be friends.  Mostly kidding, but really??? This peanut butter is delectable. Perfectly creamy and smooth. Perfect on English Muffins, mixed in yogurt, on bananas or just by the spoonful! I actually just recently tried this and it was love at first bite. For mainstream peanut butters, I am a Skippy gal through and through.
  • Vanilla Bean Greek Yogurt, 0%: This flavor is sooooooo good. I mean it is on a whole other level than the regular vanilla. Little specks of vanilla bean in every bite. Thick and creamy, get in my belly.  I bet if they had a 2% version of this it would be absolutely divine. HINT HINT to TJ’S,

So those are the favorites for this week, more to come later!  Sometime I eat all three of these together, amazing combo. Just sayin’. 

Do you love Trader Joe’s?

What is your favorite item to get there?

What peanut butter did your house have growing up?


– Britt